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Service Catalogue

The IT Per4mance Service Catalogue comprises a set of fixed price services which are repeatable consulting studies and training courses that we have delivered time and time again.  Most of our services are clarified as Distance Deliverables in that we can provide the service using time-proven data collection worksheets supported by video or conference calls and email.
While our price list is defined in UK GBP, we can provide reports and invoices in your chosen currency.  We are able to provide standard pricing for these services based on typical; Size, complexity and number of stakeholders involved.  We also provide very competitive bids against your specific requirements and RFPs.  
The following prices are geared towards IT Functions in Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).  If you are a larger organisation we will be happy to provide you with a quotation, please contact us and we will try to meet your needs.   You should add VAT and expenses to the prices below.  


IT Savings Report - Benchmark / CSIP

This service provides you with an IT Savings Report that identifies your IT savings potential, comparative strengths and improvement opportunities for TCO reduction and CSIP.  It includes; Unit costs, productivity measures and service quality comparisons against leading benchmark peer organisations.  

The scope of this IT Benchmark is the following service towers: Service Desk, End-User Computing, Hosting (Wintel, UNIX) and Cloud), Network (Voice and Data), Applications Maintenance, Applications Development and Cross Functional (Management and Control).

To 2000 desktops - £14.9K

2K to 5K desktops - £19.9K

IT Sourcing Strategy

Your IT Sourcing Strategy includes high-level analysis of the current IT position (by service tower) and definition of current problems to be addressed via sourcing options.


It includes target pricing for service tower outsourcing, based on price lists in current contracts. This enables organisations to understand the potential future cost profile/IT budget in a full or mixed outsourcing environment. This provides management with relevant information to assess sourcing options and make the appropriate executive decisions.

To 2000 desktops - £14.9K

2000 to 5000 desktops - £19.9K

Apps Portfolio Planning for Cloud

Applications planning is the number one requirement when preparing for the cloud.


This service provides you with a report which is part of your applications portfolio strategy. 


The report assesses each application using more than 20 attributes and shows application conduciveness to operating in a cloud environment.

Organisations up to 5000 desktops - Base price for 25 applications - £14.9K

Each additional application - £250


User Satisfaction Benchmark Report

A comprehensive user satisfaction survey with circa 30 questions on IT service, support and systems. 


Comparison of satisfaction scores with upper quartile organisations to gauge performance level. 

Review of findings and comments with a user focus group to add further insights.  Presentation of results to IT Management and focus group.

Organisations up to 2000 desktops - £14.9K

Organisations up to 5000 desktops - £17.9K

IT Target Operating Model Document

This service provides clients with a Target Operating Model (TOM1) by IT Function / Service Tower.  It also includes a two day workshop to integrate the various TOM1s  to a single Integrated IT TOM.


We use time proven data collection methods to create each TOM1.  The IT TOM document is the output of the TOM Workshop/s (one or more may be required ). Each Function TOM can then be augmented with Component Blueprints to define (at the detail level) the end to end workflow that supports services to customers.   

Organisations up to 5k desktops - £4.9K per IT Function. 

IT Value Chain Process

As part of this service our consultants work with your IT organisation to provide a tailored end to end (value chain) process.  This takes a business Idea through a number of defined stages to an implemented IT Solution (I2IS), passing through all of the relevant departments within your IT function, including key  outsourced services.  

This service uses time proven I2IS templates and processes which are customised to suit your organisation. Your report includes; process slides, Visio diagrams and RACI matrices.

Report price for organisations up to

5000 desktops - £18.9K

ITIL in Outsourcing 

This two-day online training course provides you with ITIL information based on knowledge from working with  leading IT Managed Service Providers.  It will reduce the need for sourcing consultants and improve contracts. 


We will walk through all 34 ITIL V4 Practices from an outsourcing viewpoint.  In addition, you will be provided with an 'ITIL in Outsourcing Reference Manual' .  This limited course is only available to selected clients (not for IT MSPs or consultancies).   

​Online training for up to 10 delegates - £2,795

IT Contract Savings - Mark to Market Pricing Benchmark

This service benchmarks the scope, SLA and price book of your IT contract against current peer contracts and provides you with a benchmark report that identifies your savings potential, comparative strengths, opportunities and recommendations.  

The scope of this IT Benchmark is a single contract which may include one or more of the following service towers: Service Desk, End-User Computing, Hosting (Wintel, UNIX and Cloud), Network (Voice and Data), Applications Maintenance, Applications Development and Cross Functional (Management and Control).

To 2000 desktops - £14.9K

2K to 5K desktops - £19.9K

IT RFP Creation

This service provides you with the core Requirements and Schedule of Work sections of your Request for Proposal (RFP) document.  The RFP includes Cross Functional (XF), providing Management and Control, using the ITIL V4 framework, and may include a number of service towers, depending upon how the RFP is structured.  Typical service towers include Service Desk, End-User Computing, Hosting (Wintel and UNIX), Network (Voice and Data), Applications Maintenance and Applications Development. 


Organisations up to 5000 desktops. base price for RFP including XF plus two service towers - £14.9K

Additional Service Towers -  £5.9K each

Agile and DevOps Benchmark Report 

This service has been developed with ex ISG and Gartner consultants and is based on many years on benchmarking and normalisation experience.


There are four components to this service: a. Lo / No code, b. New code, c. DevOps Delivery and d. XLA / CSat. 


We underpin these benchmark components with measures such as applications (functionality and attributes), story points (commercialised), velocity, rate of delivery CI/CD, change failure rate,  customer experience KPIs and measures  


Up to two sprint teams - £14.9K

Each additional sprint team - £4.9K  


Supplier Rate Card Benchmark Report 

This service compares your supplier Rate Card to role equivalent market prices.  We have a database of over 6,000 current rates, in many countries. 

We use the SFIA skills framework as a base to map supplier roles and experience levels . After adjusting for outliers we provide you with a reliable average market day rate for each defined role / experience level.

For 10 supplier roles with individual day rates - £4.9K

For 20 supplier roles with individual day rates - £8.9K

Price for other volumes, we will provide a quote  


CIO Effectiveness Assessment 

The CIO function (and whole IT operation) goes through four stages of maturity to become a truly trusted supplier of technology based business solutions.


We assess each stage of this journey with numeric maturity scores defining your position within each stage.  These scores are underpinned by relevant metrics and information.  An improvement plan is provided, based on performance in leading organisations.   


Organisations up to 2000 desktops - £14.9K Organisations up to 5000 desktops - £19.9K

yearbook icon.jpg

Technology Yearbook

The Technology Yearbook records activity at the business, data, applications and infrastructure levels.  It provides information on projects completed and in-flight for business and corporate functions.  It provides top level KPIs such as service tower unit costs (eg Service Desk cost per user) and compares them to the previous year to show change. 


The Technology Yearbook looks back at the IT Strategy and identifies progress and deviations.  A Technology Yearbook can be produced in as little as two weeks depending upon scope and depth

A Standard Technology Yearbook costs £9,895 

Good to Great Service Mgmt

This two-hour training course provides you and your team with information on how to  apply manufacturing, Lean and other management best practice to your IT function.  It includes references to Kotter, Lewin, Jim Collins and others.  The course is held online using Teams or Zoom.

This course provides a fresh insight on how to operate an end to end IT delivery mechanism, delivering great results to customers.

Online training for up to 10 delegates - £795

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