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Interim Management and

Advice by the Slice

Interim Management - We provide an interim management service whereby our consultants work alongside your team members to progress operational matters, and contribute to project delivery.


This service can augment your teams during busy periods or while you recruit long term resources.

In fact, we see clients using this mechanism to quickly get experienced resources on site. This is instead of going through the normal procurement process, including; Creation of project brief, supplier selection, bid invitation and appointment process.  This can take months in some cases meaning that the benefits of the project to the business are delayed.  


Some clients operate on a rolling, 'pay as you use' basis, with just a one week notice period.


​Our consultants blend into your organisation and you allocate them work and projects as you see fit.  IT Per4mance consultants generally make a positive difference from day one.


Clients tell us that it is easier to obtain funding from a staff resources budget rather than a project budget.  This enables clients to address issues via an internal project with an interim assigned, rather than setting up an external consultancy study.


Advice by the SliceIn working with clients on outcome based contracts, a number of clients have requested some form of OUTCOME BASED CONSULTANCY SERVICE whereby they obtain the advice when they need it and only pay for the time take to provide such advice.  This is similar to the famous ‘Power by the Hour’ service introduced by Rolls Royce for aero-engines.  


In response to this request we have created our ADVICE BY THE SLICE service where one slice equates to one hour.  For example, one client used Advice by the Slice to identify the landing zone for Service Desk unit pricing (given the latest position on volumes, SLA targets etc).  We investigated the matter and provided the information ready for the next day of negotiations and charged the client nine hours.  Another example of Advice by the Slice is where a client received a complex consulting report and wanted to understand what they should actually do starting next week.  Following appropriate NDA and authority, a conference call was held with the client.  We then carefully analysed the report and provided a ‘plain English’ interpretation of the key points back to the client within two working days, at a charge of 15 hours.   


Clients tell us that the on-demand Advice by the Slice slice is both affordable and sits under their organisation's standing sign off limit (typically £5000 in the UK) for IT manager discretionary spend. 

This service enables CIOs and IT managers to ask highly pertinent questions during critical project stages and get a rapid and meaningful response in order to provide useful additional input to current decision making activities.  The advice is on demand and charged by the hour (Slice),  One Slice costs £120 plus VAT and your first two hours are free of charge. 

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