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Managing Outsourcing Projects

Our consultants have managed many outsourcing projects for organisations of all sizes, different levels of scope (eg. outcomes-based, all IT service towers and specific service towers) in different currencies and in different countries.  
Based on our extensive experience, we have developed standardised plans, work breakdown structures (WBS), taxonomies, templates, deliverables and more.
The IT Per4mance WBS includes: Problem Definition (what outcomes are you seeking?), IT Strategy Review (in the context of outsourcing), Sourcing Strategy (including market analysis, business case and target price landing zone), Detailed Scoping (low level definition of what services stay and what is in-scope for outsourcing), Retained Organisation Impact AssessmentTarget Contract Type (outcomes-based, standard, blended), Key Terms Summary, Potential Supplier ListRequest for Information and Request for Proposal Development, Competitive Dialogue (with Suppliers and sourcing team), Supplier Engagement (providing a single point of contact function (SPOC) for Q&A, meetings, presentations, data room etc), Client-side Vendor Management (set-up & optimisation), Bid ProcessingBid Scoring, Supplier Down Select, Best and Final Offer (BAFO bid processing), Contract & Commercial Negotiation, Transition Evaluation, Contract Award, Release to Live, Transition Support, Business and IT Culture Change, Relationship & Contract Rescue (as needed) and Contract Renewal or Exit.
Some clients commission IT Per4mance consultants to manage the whole outsourcing process and other  clients use us for specific components of the outsourcing process (eg Sourcing Strategy, RFP creation).
In order to augment the knowledge base of any in-house lawyers, we have an IT outsourcing contract repository (of over 60 IT contracts), enabling us to draw on this resource to help clients build the right agreement.  External lawyers will have their own contract repository to help inform contract set-up and negotiation, as required. 
The IT Per4mance toolset accelerates the start-up time and efficiency of outsourcing projects, leading to a faster resolution, high quality outcomes and fewer chargeable project days than firms with fewer resources.
We help clients avoid many of the pitfalls of outsourcing, thereby increasing the potential for long term outsourcing success.
Across the outsourcing contracts that we have helped set-up and benchmarked, we have identified client savings in excess of £180 million.  


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