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AM Savings and SaaS Negotiation

Applications Maintenance savings of up to 50% have been realised by several of our clients, in different countries.


Our consultants have been working with clients to make significant savings on AM costs through AM portfolio definition / diagnosis and supplier led solutions. 


A large share of these AM savings come from automation, lean application support, use of analytics /machine learning, right tooling and demand management etc. 


In order to illustrate potential savings for your organisation, an agreed supplier will sponsor two tailored on-site workshops (2 hours each).


Workshop 1 undertakes high level AM diagnosis (by IT Per4mance) and in Workshop 2 (circa one week later) the AM supplier provides a high level solution design and potential AM cost savings.  The process is illustrated below, with no obligations for clients and is Free of Charge.  Note: Onsite workshops can take place in the UK and webex type workshops are available in other counties.  To sign-up, please email Martin Boyle at

With regards to SaaS - different parts of your business are probably in discussion currently with Software as a Service (SaaS) providers.  Indeed, some parts of the business will already have SaaS contracts in place.

It is essential that there is a single portfolio of all SaaS contracts, under the control of a Vendor Management Office.  You should ensure 'line of sight' through these SaaS contracts (as far as possible) for service level targets, data sharing / interfacing plus standardised contract localisation and flexibility, in case of changes.

In addition, negotiation outcomes on charges, day rates for SaaS project work, the basis for annual price changes, volume discounts, minimum spend etc also need to be agreed with vendors and documented. 


By way of example, one of our consultants successfully undertook SaaS contract negotiation and agreement for 12 separate contracts for a UK financial organisation. 


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