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Cloud Readiness

For various reasons, organisations are keen to move their applications to the cloud.  If you migrate the wrong applications to the cloud, the operating costs for these applications can increase significantly.

Readiness for cloud requires detailed assessment of your applications portfolio. 


This assessment involves looking at the future relevance of each application.  We use the TIME method (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate and Eliminate) as part of our analysis.  For applications that have a defined future, we apply our unique 25 point assessment to each application.


These application data points are used to create a 'Cloud Conduciveness Index' (CCI) per application.  The CCI shows that the applications should be; Kept in-house, moved to external supplier, moved to private cloud and moved to public cloud. 


The IT Per4mance Cloud Readiness Report provides a basis for discussion and potentially bids from outsourcing firms and cloud providers.

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