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It is not uncommon for clients to ask us to provide training material associated with a study report.


This training material of often presented by our consultants to the staff that are likely to be involved with, and or impacted by, the study recommendations. 


This training can be useful as it provides timely and comprehensive information dissemination, within the client organisation. 


Training events enable staff to ask questions and receive answers from the consultant who is typically responsible for the study findings and recommendations.  This enables the project sponsor to provide the 'big picture' information and not be unduly drawn into the minutae of the project.


It is particularly important to have appropriate training / information sessions when it comes to outsourcing projects.  This is because 'fear uncertainty and doubt' can cause a degree of concern / panic within the client organisation if the strategic direction is not presented with due care and consideration.

In addition, our consultants can provide on-site training on any of the services provided by IT Per4mance. 

We have a number of training courses available to clients, see our Service Catalogue.

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